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Your Running Coach



Sport Rehabilitation Therapist &

Running Technique Coach 

After working for over ten years as a Sports Rehabilitation Therapist, I noticed a lot of runner I treated were frustrated due to chronic running related injuries, poor management and bad advice. This inspired me to study and work with running specific clients to improve their performance and reduce their likelihood of getting injured.

Secondly, I listened to so many people say that they can’t run because of what they had been told or felt.  I decided become a running technique coach to give people the confidence to run better.

I am a passionate learner and enjoy passing this knowledge onto clients, as well as the student I teach at further education. My undergraduate degree is in Sport Rehabilitation from the St Mary’s University Twickenham and a postgraduate degree in Motion Analysis from the University of Dundee. These qualifications have fueled my passion for treating and coaching running related injuries.

Runfit appreciate that every runner is different and provides the foundation knowledge for runners to succeed, whether that be running for the first time outdoor, coming back from injury or hitting your personal best.  We provide the support, treatment and knowledge to allow you to maximize your full potential – “We are all runners”

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