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How We Can Help You Run Better, Faster and Injury Free


Our biomechanical running analysis of your current running techniques allows us insight into what might be holding you back from improving your PB's and predisposing you to injury.

We take a complete running training/injury history, slow motion video analysis and full strength/movement assessment to see how we can best help you to run better.  (1 hour)



Our running technique coaching sessions allow you to improve your running technique with our qualified coach. The body takes approximately 6-8 weeks to learn and integrate new movement patterns. These session can be provided outdoors or indoors on a treadmill. We can also take up to 4 people at a time so you can learn with a friends.
45 minute session with a minimum course of 6 sessions

Couple Running


Our Injury Rehabilitation service focuses on you the individual. We listen to what you have gone through with your running injuries. Runfit Rehab uses the most up-to-date knowledge on running injuries to get you back running earlier so you can enjoy your running again. It starts with gather your running and lifestyle history, assessing your strength, mobility and  running technique. This information gives us the ability to design a running rehab plan for you to follow with our rehabilitation therapist. 
45 min- 1 hour

Sports Injury


At RunFit we believes that everyone is an athlete and that "We are all Runners." We see a lot of runner who are afraid to do strength training because they will get too heavy or big!!

However research has shown us that training our muscles in the correct way can improve our capacity to run, prevent muscle fatigue and possible reduce injuries. 

We provide group and individual training at DBK Fitness Glasthule to help runners get stronger, runner faster and have some fun along the way.  

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