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4 Reasons Why You Need the Help of an Expert Running Coach

Running is a comparatively simple exercise, however there is so much more to it than just lacing up your shoes and running around the block. Being an efficient runner involves many factors including; running technique, training plan, training volume, previous injuries, recovery strategies and your diet. There are certain injuries and inefficient movements associated with a poor running technique and training volume which you normally don’t even notice until you develop symptoms. A skilled and knowledgeable Running Coach can improve your running experience to be more consistent runner and enjoyable sport.

Here are the main reasons our clients wanted to learn to run with our expert running coach.

1. Running Gait Analysis & Running Coaching

Our expert coach is knowledgeable in both human movement and injury prevention related specifically to running. A running gait analysis allow us to observe your current running technique. This insight can guide us to what might be holding you back from improving your Personal best times and what is predisposing you to running injuries. We then provide specific running technique advice in our 6 week running course to get you running better.

2. Running Specific Strength Training

Strength training is a big part of our Runfit’s core principle to help you run better, faster and injury free. We target the main muscle used in running to help get you get fitter, which will allow you to prevent aches, injuries and improve your running performance. We use base line measurements of your muscle strength to help track your progress and keep you motivated.

3. Injury Treatment and Reduction

Coaches know what causes Running Injuries and what intervention will prevent it from getting worse. Runfit typically treats runners with hip, knee, foot and ankle injuries. Our knowledgeable Rehabilitation Coach has the experience and understanding to get you back to running as soon as possible. At Runfit, we use running as part of your rehabilitation as this helps you to recover quicker and keep motivated.

4. Running Training Plan

It can be difficult to have a training plan or strategy as a novice runner or when returning from injury. A running coach can devise a comprehensive running plan for you keeping in mind your capacity and provided advice to keep you motivated throughout the program. Running apps can assist with tracking how much you have run in a certain amount of time which can help your instructor keep an eye on your improvement.

Final Thoughts

Taking the first step can be the hardest part in relation to beginning your running journey or returning from a running injury. Seeking expert help can reduce your stress, provide you with professional information and help keep you running for longer.

We Are All Runners

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